New York Columnist Maureen Dowd is attempting to paint Representative Joe Wilson’s disruption of Obama’s speech as racist.  It seems that every criticism of our liar-in-chief is considered racism by one liberal or another.  Every single one of these idiots should review the childrens story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”  Apparently, we’ve reached a point where everyone turns these idiots off the second they start making their racism claims.

I’m familiar with the incident in question and believe me, race didn’t have anything to do with it.  Obama was clearly lying his ass off and Joe Wilson called him on it.  Now his timing wasn’t good.  He should have waited until after Obama was done talking.  However, Joe Wilson was right.  The liar-in-chief was lying.  Case in point, Liberals shot down 2 amendments that would have prevented illegal aliens from being treated under Obama care.  So how exactly is Representative Joe Wilson being racist?  I agree with Representative Joe Wilson.  It’s not racist to demand that illegal aliens shouldn’t be entitled to government benefits since they are here illegally.  If they had come here legally, then I’d be their biggest cheer leader because I support legal immigration.

Again, liberals love to use the racism claim even though 99.8% of the time their claims fail the common sense test.  Americans have tuned these idiots out to the point if there was a legitament claim, everyone will ignore it.  Just like the little boy who cried wolf.