It was predictable but it never ceases to amaze me how absolutely stupid some people are.  ACORN is attempting to say that the video footage shot from 3 ACORN locations was doctored and that the whole incident NEVER happened.  After they said they were considering taking O’Keefe to court because they feel he committed a felony.  Note to ACORN, you should probably shut up now.  After your dirty laundry is aired in court, you just may find yourself looking at a congressional inquiry.  It’s funny how a retired Non-Commissioned Officer is smarter than Wade Rathke.

ACORN is going to have to answer some questions tomorrow anyways.  Yes, indeed there is a 4th tape out there from yet another ACORN location.  Guess the corruption made it all the way down to the roots.  Are these people really that stupid?  Obviously they are because they fell hook line and sinker for the same thing not once, not twice, but four seperate ocassions.

The attorney general for the state of Maryland isn’t the smartest tool in the shed.  He released a statement and said that the video footage shot in Maryland is disturbing yet, he is going after O’Keefe.  Just to show what a dumbass he is, ACORN is contributing to the criminal element in your state and the best you can do is go after the guys who exposed it?  Beavis and Butthead could probably work for the state of Maryland and increase the IQ of government employees if this is the case.

Instead of being a liberal shill, the state attorney general should be going after corruption in the state.  Oh but wait, didn’t Nancy Pelosi say she was going to stamp out corruption in congress but yet she’s done nothing to the idiot that writes the tax code and feels like he’s exempt from paying his taxes?  If that’s not corruption, I don’t know what is.  What the attorney general and nancy pelosi meant to say is that they will stamp out Republican corruption not necessarily Democrat Corruption.  There is a difference between corruption and party corruption.  I guess party corruption is ok as long as it’s not on their side of the isle but I digress.

ACORN wants to file a lawsuite against foxnews for airing the video.  Good luck with that since they didn’t shoot the footage.  They merely acquired the video from the person who shot it.  That doesn’t necessarily make Foxnews liable for anything.  They aired the news which is something that other news services could learn a thing or two from.  Yes the media is corrupt as hell so what can you do?

Liberals are trying to paint this as a couple of bad ACORNS fell off the tree but I’m willing to bet if Foxnews got them to testify as a witness we will find out that this is ACORN’s policy.  It has to be because the same thing happened at MORE THAN ONE location.  Which proves my point, the whole damn tree is rotten so we should cut it down.  There are rumblings that Senators are starting to push for a investigation.  Wade Rathke should be thankful he’s not a Republican because if he were, this investigation would have happened months ago and be finished already.  He’d have probably been serving a jail sentence by now.