One thing I can’t stand is inconsistancy.  First it was 47 Million uninsured, then it dropped to 30 Million uninsured, now according to Max Baucus it’s 50 Million.  I mean come on!  You’d think all of this was on a Saturday Night Live skit instead of in the realm of politics.  I’ll tell you guys what, you go get your (lies) numbers right and get back with me.  This stuff just makes you look like idiots.

If you sit down and think about all of these numbers that the Democrats have spit out, eventually you start thinking that this is a unfactual number to begin with and not some researched number thrown out there.  A guestimate is not a factual number yet that’s how this number is being treated.

Actually instead of having Obama Care, I have a much better idea anyways.  My idea is to limit what health insurance actually covers.  That will lower the costs of health insurance.  Then have a government insurance that would help out with major health issues like cancer.  We could set up a division that the health insurance can cover with cancer but still have the majority of it paid by the government insurance.  The lower the health insurance companies risk the lower the premiums would be.  This would lower the chance that Obama care would bankrupt the US government.  The only downside in all of this is that eventually congress will get that gleam in their eye over financial surpluses and start attempting to spend money from the fund.  Over a period of time, this would be no different than medicare/medicaid.