Nancy Pelosi is demanding that Joe Wilson apologize to the house for his comments during Obama’s speech or face discipline on the floor of the house.  I hope that Representative Joe Wilson does not apologize to the house because he doesn’t owe them an apology.  He owed Obama an apology and he’s already delivered that.

Republicans are telling Respresentative Joe Wilson the same thing.  Now I can only imagine that this will drive a wedge between the 2 parties.  What Nancy should understand is that change is coming in 2010.  There’s an old family saying “Careful which butts you kick today as you may have to kiss them tomorrow.”  The battlefield in politics is already set for 2010 and just remember your party is going to be the minority party.  If you push this thing with Representative Joe Wilson, expect to receive the same thing after you become the minority party in congress.

In my personal opinion, Representative Joe Wilson was absolutely right when he called Obama a liar on the floor.  There was no enforcement mechanism in the bill to prevent illegal aliens from receiving medical care.  In fact, the Democrats shot down 2 amendments that would have made it illegal for illegal aliens to receive free healthcare under the bill.  So in essence, although it probably was not a good idea to call the president a liar during his speech but he was right.  The president was lying.  As far as apologizing to the house, I would simply say I’ll apologize after Nancy Pelosi apologizes to the CIA and the American people for calling the town hall protestors nazi’s and leave it at that.