It’s no wonder that Rush Limbaugh is the most maligned person in the US.  According to his accounting firm, he’s right 99.1% of the time which further pisses off the liberals on a daily basis.  Most liberals are upset that they can’t shut him down.  They go as far as to take his words out of context being Politically correct.  For example, it’s true that Rush said he wanted Obama to fail.  The problem with their argument is that Rush said he wants Obama’s socialistic agenda to fail.  Those two little words change the whole meaning of the sentence but was ignored by liberal publications.  Rush did not say he wanted the country to fail like liberal adjutators want you to believe.

It also doesn’t make them happy that Rush’s audience size dwarfs anything they have.  Nobody really wants to listen to the Bullshit on NPR.  They don’t have anybody whatsoever that can compete with the size of Rush’s audience.  Not one single news program in the state run media can draw a audience the size of Rush’s.

Another fact, Rush’s audience is more informed than most of the congressmen who went out there and attempted to hold town hall meetings without full knowledge of what was in the house bill on Obama care.  Which made for amusing tv to hear these same people attempt to spin their way out of the mess they got themselves in to.  Apparently those congressmen and women were too stupid to read the bill and got caught.

Another maligned person is Glenn Beck.  Liberals love to say he’s hateful and he’s crazy but let’s look at the facts where they lie.  He investigated ACORN and called them rotten to the core and you know what?   According to the last few months, it’s true.  He brought up Van Jones history and did not have to smear because Van Jones did all of the work for Glenn Beck.  He merely played the sound bites.  A smear to me is to make up a bunch of stuff and make blind accusations hoping something sticks.  Van Jones stepped down after Glenn exposed his words to the world.  Is he crazy?  Can’t be if all of it was in Van Jones own words.  I know, maybe Van Jones is crazy?

To be fair, I’ll also say the Democrat party has been maligned by all of these people who used to be members of the communist party.  They have hijacked the party and now the skies the limit as far as what they can do.  One of the leaders of the communist party said that America would shoot down any of his plans he offered up but they would buy each and every one of them under liberalism.  He was right because that’s exactly what has happened.  These people came to the Democrat party because they will have a popular platform to attempt to sneak their ideas in.  Once that happened, the Democrat party of today does not have the same morals and values they had in the 1970’s.  It’s a different world all together.

After the elections in 2010, the Democrat party probably needs to get back to the same morals and values they had in the 1970’s.  This new stuff isn’t getting them any new votes.  Instead of change and hope, you guys readily accepted bullshit in exchange for hope and change.  Make no mistake, America now understands that there is no hope and change from an Obama presidency.  I believe that 2010 will produce the same sore losers that it did back when Reagan beat the snot out of Jimmy Carter.  At the rate Obama is going, we’ll be rolling out the misery index again because this is Jimmy Carter’s 2nd term.