The black caucus needs to get over themselves.  If they can’t come up with a logical argument, they need to zip it!!!!!  The black caucus is saying that failure to rebuke Representative Wilson is to endorse KKK style racism.  Apparently, this is what liberals do after they’ve lost the damn argument now days.  It’s funny how they try to turn this into a racism argument when it has nothing to do with racism.

Like I’ve said in my earlier post, it probably wasn’t a good idea to interupt Obama’s speech however, Obama was caught lying.  He’s already apologized to President Obama and that’s the only person he owes an apology to.  These people are sounding ignorant the more they bring out the racism charges because it’s bullshit.  Each and every member of the black caucus can kiss every inch of my ass, this is NOT RACISM.  First, I’d have to insist that they use some chapstick first, don’t need my backside chapping afterwards.