Jimmy Carter went on tv and claims that the reason Representative Joe Wilson called Obama a liar was racism.  Does Jimmy even know what todays date and year is?  I swear he looked like Dementia has a really good grip on him.  I could have sworn I saw him drooling on himself during his two cents worth.

First off, I hardly think that someone who went on tv back at the Democrat National Convention and referred to Obama as a black boy is in any position to call anyone a racist.  Secondly, I don’t think an anti-semite is in the position to tell me about racism.  If your going to put someone on tv to make such a asinine statement, at least pick someone who can tell the f*cking difference.  That’s all I’m saying.

According to last night’s speech, Jimmy is so stupid he’s saying that people have said “Bury Obama with Kennedy.”  I want a link to that because just like everything else Jimmy says it’s bullshit!  Jimmy, the sign said “Bury OBAMA CARE with Kennedy!”  If you can’t keep the sh*t straight you need to sit down and shut the f*ck up.  He should be glad that his book has been recommended by Osama Bin Laden personally for every good communist, Socialist, or Marxist.