I wonder if anyone is keeping track of all of Bush’s policies that the messiah disagreed with on the campaign trail that mysteriously now he endorses.  I find humor in this because if these policies were so bad then why does “The One” endorse them now?  Because he was stupid and the policies were based on relevant information.

The lefties were all whining on drudge.com about this.  While you guys were chanting hope and change, you didn’t quite notice that Obama slipped you a excrement  sandwich until you bit into it.  To cover up your displeasure with the messiah, your out there shouting racism at every disagreement with “The One’s” policies.  Sure, go ahead if you think it’s going to make your sandwich taste better.  However, your tactics are going to backfire on you sooner or later.  Why?  The messiah wants to send more troops to Afghanistan and your side is against it.  I’m willing to bet that YOUR messiah will get support from the Republicans then guess who the racists are going to be?  Get ready to double down on the excrement sandwich.  Just remember hope and change tastes like sh*t…err chicken.  Yeah that’s it.  Suckers!!!!