Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) is threatening to go nuclear on the healthcare bill.  That means he is going to close debate and attempt to get at least 60 votes for it so he can bypass the normal channels on bills.  I firmly believe Harry is terminally stupid because by doing so, he’s going against the will of the people whom he represents.  You know the people who hired him to represent them in the piss poor manner he has represented them so far.  Just look at any of the polls out there on healthcare.  There are more people who don’t want a public option than those who do. 

Go ahead Harry, Make my day.  If you thought there was a lot of hate out there before, wait until you go nuclear.  The people of Nevada are going to kick your butt out of office so fast you won’t know what hit you.  Just consider the elections of 2010 backlash (The word backlash is not a WWE pay per view).  Your whole party won’t know what hit you guys.  “The One” won’t have his usual lapdogs anymore after 2010 because Harry Reid himself is up for election in 2010.  I’m begging Harry to go Nuclear on this bill.  He won’t because he wants his constituents to vote him into office again.  Personally, I don’t think Harry Reid has contributed a damn thing to the people of Nevada.