This is funny.  While Obama is busy trying to get the Olympic committee to hold the Olympics in Chicago, gang violence erupted in Chicago.  One gang used a railroad tie to kill rival gang member.  Who in the hell wants their athletes dodging gang violence to go compete in the Olympics?  These people trained for their sport, they didn’t train to evade gang members.  Who supports the gangs?  Mostly liberals buying their illegal drugs while saying they don’t support violence.  They happily chirp that their illegal drugs had nothing to do with gang violence but yet the give their money to these gangs for their drugs.

I don’t think we will be hosting the Olympics in Chicago.  However, I think Dallas TX would be better because the stadium in Irving isn’t being used since the Dallas Cowboys have a new stadium to play in.  That way there won’t be any problems in giving them to stadium from start to finish.  There are plenty of nice hotels in the area to house them and a lot of different resturants in the area.