President Obama when questioned about the whole ACORN scandel said that he had other priorities with the war in Afghanistan and the Economy.  What’s funny is that he’s only talked to his General (General McCrystal) one time in the last 70 days.  Obama has failed to even pick a war strategy but has made time to go to a meeting to pitch Chicago as a location to hold the Olympics.  Yes, other presidents have sent others to go there to make the pitch however, they didn’t go themselves.

You can say what you want about our presidents intentions but I can see that the war strategy is something that he doesn’t want to deal with and he has to.  Obama’s own General said he needs 40,000 more troops however, our passivist-in-chief has failed to address the report that the general sent over a month ago.  If Obama didn’t want to have to DEAL with the war, why in the hell did he even run for President Of The United States?

Obama is a limp wristed liberal who has absolutely no idea how to wage wars yet he blatantly ignores the people who do know how to wage a war.  He went as far as to hurt our troops by changing the Rules Of Engagement to where unless we can prove there are no civilians present, they are not allowed to have artillery or air support.  This results in more body bags filled with our troops.  He’s not intelligent enough to understand that this is the strategy of Al Quaeda  to attack our troops in the middle of town so they can force more civilians to get in the middle of the fight.  In other words, Obama is catering to Al Quaeda.  This is what they want.  This policy helps Al Quaeda win hands down.

If Obama is saying that the war in Afghanistan is a priority then I’d think he would have talked to General McCrystal MORE than 1 or 2 times already.  I say Obama is again, lying to the public.  His bullshit rhetoric does not match his actions.  His actions speak much louder than his words.  His words say he’s committed to our troops but his actions say “Screw them!”