Roman Polanski fed a young child actress (14 year old) alcohol and Qualudes then raped her.  These facts have yet to be disputed.   In fact, Polanski admitted his guilt in court.  I could care less if it was 30 years ago or not.  He’s guilty and a court of law found him guilty when he fled to France like a little b*tch unwilling to take responsibility for his actions.  He went to France because he knew there was no extradition treaties with the US and he’d be a free man while he stayed there.

Pride comes before the fall, Polanski was arrested in Switzerland after he attempted to go to the Zurich Film Festival to receive an award.  They arrested him in the airport.

According to leftists and their communist loving allies Hollywood, we shouldn’t make him do the time for his crime.  I’m sure we will be seeing the usual suspects come out from under their rock like Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Jane Fonda to say that we should let him go.  I’ve said before that I’m not impressed with Hollywood types or their kooky causes.  Just because Sean Penn says something doesn’t necessarily mean that I will buy his bullshit.  He honestly thinks that because he says something that the majority of Americans will agree with him.

France is upset that we are going to put him in jail but what France should be wondering is how many of the young French girls he’s molested during the last 30 years.