Liberals feel it’s ok to take money from me and give it to them but what if it happened to you while you were going to school?  Let’s say you scored 100% on your test and one of your class mates scored 60.  So you would be happy if your professor took 20 points from your test score without permission so that your classmate would pass too?  Right?

Most honest liberals would be all up in arms on this because they feel they earned the grade.  So what makes you think I didn’t earn the money that the government wants to take from me to share with you?  If the professor would piss you off taking points from you then you need to shut up and be just as against the government taking money from me and giving it to someone else.

Again, this is all about liberal hypocracy.  It’s ok to take money from me but if they were to apply it to something in their lives then they’d be all against it.