I am back from my trip to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Salt Lake City was a beautiful city with lots to offer.  I loved the Cajun resturant bar and grill.  I haven’t had jambalaya since I left Louisianna in January 1984. 

I stayed in the Little America Hotel for 6 days and it was awesome.  I’ve never had that big of a hotel room in my life.  It was 600 square feet and the rooms were super nice and so was the service there.  My balcony overlooked the mountains and it made for a pretty site to see the snow ontop of the mountains first thing in the morning.  However, I wasn’t a fan of $8 for a bowl of oatmeal and $20 for a real breakfast.  We quickly found the closest McDonald’s to the hotel and had breakfast there.  I refused to pay $8 for oatmeal or $20 for breakfast.

The convention center food was  little pricey too.  I paid $9 for a small pizza that was 80% crust and a small Dr. Pepper.  I walked down to the street to a couple of resturants while I was there because the food was cheaper and a lot better.

The convention I went to was pretty good.  It was the National Parks and Recreation Association conference.  There was a lot of good information there but I was a little surprised when they wheeled out the Ostorich chili at the opening party.  *Laughing*  Overall my office got a free $13,000 + gift for me going to the conference.  Air Combat Command purchased some inflatable screens for everyone along with a projector and sound system.  It looked extremely nice.  I have plans for using it to play the superbowl on this year at the Community Center.

Hey if you get the chance to go to Salt Lake City, I say go for it!  It was a fun week.