I think Obama has a lot more important things to do than start fights with foxnews.  However, we all know he’s like a person with Attention Deficit Disorder because he appears to have problems sticking to the priorities.  He says the war in Afghanistan is a priority yet he refuses to make a decision.  Kid’s are dying and coming home in body bags because he can’t make a decision.  NATO has endorsed General McKrystal’s plan to fix Afghanistan and several countries have commented on his plan but our very own ADD poster child can’t man up and make a decision.  I think Rush Limbaugh had it right when he stated that Obama is a Bravo male not a Alpha male.

While he states the war in Afghanistan is a priority, it appears dates with Michelle, vacation, and endless rounds of golf are a bigger priority than the war.  All this stuff took the backseat along with defunding ACORN.  Which he states that isn’t a priority while they are getting their tax payer funding while they break a multitude of laws on a daily basis.  Hell in just 9 months Obama has played more golf than George W. Bush played in 3 years and George took more grief than the messiah has when he did play golf or try to take a vacation.  NOTE TO LIBERALS:  It was NOT the Republicans who started calling him the Messiah, it was a democrat blogger.  We followed the left’s lead when it comes to that.

Obama stated he doesn’t want to win the war on terror.  Well what in the hell is reason we’re still there then if our commander-in-chief doesn’t want to kick the enemies ass?  It’s not like both the US and Al Quaeda will peacefully co-exist.  You can plan on one thing, that they will attack us again if we allow them to.  What part of this doesn’t Obama understand? He appears to bury his head in the sand while making national defense policies.