I’m giving Representative King a standing ovation here.  He shot straight with Goodell about Rush Limbaugh wanting to purchase the St Louis Rams.  He flat out told Goodell that most of the list of things was a flat out lie except one.  The one issue was that Rush said that McNabb was overrated.  The media attempted to make this a racial thing but it clearly was not.

Representative King also brought up the fact that the Miami team owners have said far worse devisive things in the lyrics of their songs than Rush has said.  This is absolutely true.  However, Goodell didn’t have a problem with that sale.  If we’re going to get into politics over ownership of a NFL team and who is an acceptable owner then you have set yourself up for people to look at the charactor of everyone who currently owns a team.

Representative King only said something on this because Representative Sheila Jackson (D-Texas) went on a rant about who can own a NFL team.  If you’ll remember she’s the same idiot that was on the damn phone while she was attempting to hold a town hall meeting.  She’s also the same person who had high praises for Castro.  Yet she says Rush shouldn’t be allowed to own a NFL team.  In the tough economic times that we face, we really can’t disciminate against people who have the money to keep NFL teams going.