Obviously our politicians are too stupid to read polls and understand the will of the people.  It comes as no surprise the idiots in Washington don’t have a clue or if they do, they are willfully ignoring what THEIR bosses want.  Everything that was undesirable in the old health care bill is in the new health care bill.  They are hoping that the American people will change their minds after they tax us to death to pay for this monstrocity.  Yeah I know it’s BS but that’s how small liberal minds see socialistic medicine.  They believe that we, the people, will cozy up to higher taxes once we experience their free medical care. 

Liberals want Obamacare bad.  So bad that they will lie, cheat, and steal to get it.  Their main arguments center around a 1997 World Health Organization study that ranked each country’s medical system.  This scam of a study rates medical systems based on socialistic medicine standards and relies on each country to tell the truth.  Let’s face it, Fidel Castro couldn’t tell the truth if F. E. Bailey personally notorized his tounge.  The other problem with it is that some countries will not report real stats on infant mortality rates the same as the US.  For instance, Cuba and some European countries don’t report any infant deaths if they die within the first 3 months.  That’s right, that is exactly why that study is nothing but pure liberal BS used to deceptively say see!!!!!!  We need social medicine!  I haven’t bought that argument since it’s inception.  Some have bought the liberal BS.  The study rates the US medical system at 37.  France was ranked as #1.  The same idiots who do the rankings are the same ones that fly to the US to have critical tests/surgeries done because their own medical system delayed their treatment/tests. 

The Liberal Politicians that are attempting to push the dead fish (Obamacare bill) through should lose their jobs because they do not listen to the public when they say they don’t want social medicine.  Like I’ve said before, 2010 is not going to be a good year for liberals because they are losing their majority because of the antics that their party has used the last year.