It’s the most idiotic comment I’ve ever heard for one.  Obama said the government is offering competition with OBAMAcare.  That is the lie of the century.  Your an idiot if you really believe the government can offer fair competition.  It cannot offer fair competition because the government doesn’t have to meet a payroll nor does it have to make a profit.  What the government is really trying to do is reach double and triple digit unemployment because let’s face some realities here.  If the insurance companies stop selling health care then they are going to lay off some people thus screw our economy up even further than the pathetic picture it shows us now.

How smart is it to shut down the coal industry, kill the electricity energy, kill big oil, kill the insurance industry, kill the medical industry, and raise taxes on businesses without doing a single damn thing to create jobs?  It will kill our economy.  This is exactly what Rush meant when he lamented he wanted our president’s socialistic policies to fail.  Ask any of the young and the useless and they’ll say Rush wants the president to fail.  However, media matters apparently has more credibility than Rush.  I mean they lie all of the time and most liberals aren’t smart enough to understand that everything they get from media matters is dishonest reporting.  Nothing more nothing less.

Furthermore, this is the same damn thing Glenn Beck is saying on his tv show which I’m sure media matters is doing their very best to spin the statement into something it clearly is not…a race thing.  He’s stating facts as he can see them.  He’s judging Obama on his actions because quite frankly, actions do speak louder than words.  For this, Glenn Beck has been called the scariest person in America which to me means he’s probably giving me more truth than the Democrat party is willing to do since they seem to have to lie about what they are doing more than tell us the damn truth.  I came to the same conclusion way before Glenn Beck did because you can look at all of my blogs and see that.  Glenn is not crazy and neither am I.

To say that government provided health care is competition is the biggest lie ever told.  Competition is selling insurance across state lines because then everyone has to undercut the other guy to make a sell.  Most of the costs associated with health insurance is based on government intereference/meddling and flimsy medical lawsuits.  Insurance company’s make 2-3% profit every year.  Medicare has turned down more medical proceedures than Insurance companies ever did.  Actors make 200% more money than insurance companies with absolutely no risk.  Hell Microsoft makes more profit than insurance companies yet the liberals want to blame the insurance companies for the rising costs of health care.  Of course it’s shared blame because they hate the pharmaseutical companies more than they do the insurance companies.  Those evil pharmaseutical companies create a drug to save our life then attempt to get back some of the money they poured into developing the drug.  When’s the last time the government developed a drug to save your life?  It has NEVER happened nor will it ever because that’s not something the government does.  Once those evil pharmaseutical companies have recouped the money they’ve spent on developing the drug, the prices ALWAYS drop down.  That’s right!  The nerve of those bastards.  Can’t anyone see how freaking stupid the left’s opinions are?

Democrats want to trash the medical industry as a whole while claiming that the government is offering competition.  It’s not offering competition and Barry knows damn well it’s not offering competition.  He honestly knows it’s a lie but liberals can hardly contain themselves when they feel they are on a roll.  The lies just keeping getting bigger and bigger as they go along because they know if they tell us the truth they are done.  Notice how LaRazza isn’t making noise?  That proves that Obama lied about not covering illegal aliens with Obamacare.  He intends on reforming the immigration to the  point illegal aliens are legal aliens.  He wants to grant them instant amnesty.

I told you guys long before Barry took oath as president that we can’t afford his ideas and I damn well meant it.  He has done absolutely nothing to fix the job situation.  However, his policies want to kill more US jobs than ever before.  Spain attempted Crap and Tax way before Obama took office and they found that Crap and Tax kills 2.5 jobs for every green job created.  He wants to make you believe that a jobless recovery is possible.  I know, he’s a bit dishonest when he says that.  You cannot have a recovery without fixing the job situation.  Bush very well may have started this economic nightmare but Barry is set on making it 10 times worse.  At least under Bush most people had jobs.

The very fact that idiots voted this scumbag in while he was saying exactly everything he intends on doing, killed the economy even worse because businesses heard higher taxes and heard that even though the top 1% of the rich are paying 60% of the taxes, they still aren’t paying their fair share.  That caused them to downsize and go into defensive mode.  This in itself is enough to stunt the economy.  Welcome to Jimmy Carters 2nd term.  I’m betting we have double digit unemployment through the end of October and it’s only going downhill from here.