Oh my god, you liberals prove how really stupid you are by letting the word get out.  Apparently, they want to use WWE programming to suggest that Linda McMahon would make a bad representative.  God, someone please tell me that they are not really that stupid?  World Wrestling Entertainment shows are purely entertainment.  Linda McMahon has come under fire because WWE is having their content removed from youtube that was put there illegally.  Liberals in CT are crying foul and saying that youtube is removing all videos that show Linda in a bad light.  Guess what idiots?  It’s entertainment.  Let me make sure I got it straight.  You believe WWE storylines to be true?  WWE storylines are the figment of the WWE creative team not actually real life scenarios.  WWE programming isn’t a damn reality based tv show.  Get it stupid?

Where in the hell do you liberals go from here because you’ve already entered nutsville.  You took a turn at moronville,  and now making your way to Oz where the idiots play?

Of course I can’t blame the Liberal Democrats in a sense.  They are getting their butts smackedown by Vince McMahon’s wife.  In essence they are having a hard time beating Linda but that’s a good thing.  Linda is probably the only person that would represent that state for the good of the people instead of the special interest groups like ACORN and “Friends of Angelo” Chris Dodd.

I’ve said before, I like the idea of Linda McMahon running for public office.  She’s not bought and paid for by special interests like Chris Dodd.  I’d really love to see Linda power bomb Obama through a table or something.  LOL.  That’s another story for a different day.  Look boys and girls, we need to get rid of the corruption.  Nancy Pelosi isn’t about to do it so the people have to take matters into their own hands and take the trash out every now and then.  I wish Mrs. McMahon all of the luck in the world and I’ll help her out anyway I can.  I may not have anything to gain or lose as I live in Texas but that senate seat affects me just as much as it does everyone else that lives in the US and CT.  I’d really like someone in it who isn’t an idiot and understands THE BOTTOM LINE!

Linda has had to make payroll in her roll with the WWE so that elevates her up higher than any idiot that refuses to understand you can’t spend what you don’t have.  We need a truth detector in congress when it comes to their fuzzy math.  Linda would fit the bill nicely.  If they keep it up, maybe Vince will pedigree Chris Dodd backstage.