I’d like to welcome New Jersey to the Republican controlled states.  You got it, the Citizens of New Jersey voted for hope and change.  They are almost at the same point Michigan is in but they voted to change it all.  Companies have left New Jersey and Corzine taxed the hell out of them to help pay for the high unemployment rates in the state.  New Jersey hasn’t voted for a Republican Governor since the 1800’s.

I noticed that Dems are playing tonight’s victory down but really, as much time as Obama put into compaigning for Corzine you’d think he would have done better.   Their other whiney thoughts are that tonight was only a local election and it doesn’t matter to the greater scheme of things.  I beg to differ.  Tonight is the blue dog democrats wake up call.  This is a friendly reminder that if they vote for Obamacare or crap and tax, they are done politically.    Like I said before, next year will be a bloodbath when it comes to congressional seats if they pass Obamacare.  Quite possibly, Obama will have a Republican majority to deal with after next November’s elections.

New Jersey’s new governor will have a lot on his hands.  He will have to bend over to attract new companies to come in and set up shop so that he can grow his economy.  This will be tough since Obama is not willing to make nice with the people who want jobs.  Obama is out there trying to discourage company growth.  Job growth in any state is going to be damn well impossible until 2012.  By the time 2012 comes along, people will be ready to vote for a Republican, I’ll bet money on it.  Afterwards, Dems will be properly neutered for another 8 years and go back to being the docile beings they should be.