I’m going to jump the gun and say that this was a act of terrorism.  I’m not quite sure if the other two people who were detained are the guys that shot the Major who intitiated the violence.  If they are connected, they aren’t saying anything right now on the news.

This should remind Americans from all walks of political interests of how deadly of a situation this is that we face.  These people are at war with us and have resorted to every underhanded strategy known to man.  These people have no interests in being our friends but will use our friendship to shoot us from behind.  We cannot afford to lose in Afghanistan!!!!  All this while our liar-in-chief waits to make a decision on manning for Afghanistan.  Even after the election in Afghanistan has been settled which is what he promised.  Obviously, Obama doesn’t actually say what he means because he can’t. 

I have no doubt that this will absolutely change things across the military services.  The ACLU will have a field day when we start looking more closely at Muslim members of the military.  We can’t afford not to look deeper at these individuals and this absolutely proves that.  So I’m waiting to see if Obama is even going to make a decision on this too.  I honestly doubt if the decision will be made anytime this year or next but will be put behind the smallest of tasks he wants to do in his last year of his presidency.  Although this incident proves we need to take immediate action and start re-investigating muslim members of the military to ensure they aren’t making ties to muslim extremists.  If they are, I say we un-arm them and give them desk jobs until we’re certain that they are professional soldiers first and muslims last. 

If the other two guys are guilty of anything, chances are pretty good they will be charged with murder and quite possibly treason which carries an automatic death penalty.