I’ve been reading some of the comments on Drudge.com about the Fort Hood Shootings.  I’m not really surprised none of the Liberals nor the Liberal Media is calling the shootings at Fort Hood a Terrorist Attack.  I’ll tell you exactly how the liberals see and I’ll explain why they are refusing to acknowledge that it is indeed a terrorist attack.

Liberalism is a mental disorder first and foremost.  They have a problem computing the evidence that we know so far.  I’ll review for my readers.

a.  Major Hasan (USA) is a muslim.  Check one.

b.  He had some very bad social issues over his deployment to kill what he felt was his people.

c.  He made statements on Jihadist websites that crowed the honor of suicide bombers.  Check.

d.  He talked about kill the aggressors.  Check.

e.  He gave all of his stuff away thinking he’d never make it back from his suicide mission alive.  Check.

f.  He carefully planned his attack and loaded his gun magazines.  Check

g.  He carried out his attack knowing he’d be the only person there with a gun.  He yelled out Praise To God in Arabic while mowing down our soldiers.  Check.

He’s a terrorist.  Check.

Liberals and the Liberal Media won’t acknowledge the facts because very simply it’s their guy in the white house.  To admit that this was a terrorist attack is to admit that their candidate don’t know absolutely anything about national defense.  They refuse to admit what Republicans have said all along that he wasn’t prepared to be commander-in-chief nor be responsible for national security.  So they are going to try to spin the news instead of reporting it.  The truth does not paint a very messiah like picture of the liberal messiah.

Their crazy snapped theory fails when you look at the facts.  The facts are he gave his stuff away because he felt he would die.  He was sane enough to plan his day and time of attack.  He prepared so that he’d have plenty of magazines full of ammo.  If someone truly snapped he wouldn’t have packed near as much ammo as this dumbass. 

The liberal media will stop at nothing to portray this as Major Hasan is a victim.  Again, their arguments fall a part when you examine them using common freaking sense.  Some of the liberal media attempted to blame bush for god’s sakes.  What is boils down to in basic terms is political correctness created this problem.  Oh no, we can’t investigate him because he’s a muslim and that would be profiling.  That’s exactly my point.  This loser was already being investigated for the last 6 months because of his web postings on terrorist sites but they couldn’t prove it was him so we couldn’t get authorization to look and see if it was him posting the comments.

It’s truly a shame we lost 13 outstanding people and the bastard that killed them in cold blood is still breathing.  I can almost assure you that if we have a fair hearing, he’ll be found guilty of 13 counts of murder, 31 counts of attempted murder, and treason.  He committed treason which is in itself a death penalty offense.  Obama is out there saying we need to be careful about classifying this as a terrorist attack.  I say screw you Mr. President, it is what it is and all of the liberal spin in the world isn’t going to make the damn case for someone snapping.  I’m sure his advisors and handlers are telling him to say that because they believe the American public is too stupid to see what’s in front of them.  I say, we’ll find out in 2010.