Muhammad will be put to death on Tuesday November 10 at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central.  He actually has his lawyers trying to get the supreme court and the Governor to commute his sentence to life in prison.  I say don’t bother, you deserve to die.  In fact if it wasn’t for the fact I work for a living, I’d probably celebrate your death.  Too bad your not getting the electric chair because I could pull out my old disco inferno record just so I can hear the words burn baby burn while he’s being cooked.  Since he’s set to die from lethal injection, I hope it causes him a lot of pain.  Of course he’s going to die with the knowledge that Major Hasan will be joining him soon. 

This devout Muslim went around the DC/Virginia area snipping civilians after the wars started and instead of manning up and saying he did it because he’s muslim, he decided to claim he was mentally ill.  Which I’m not buying his bullshit today nor tomorrow.  He couldn’t tell the truth because he’s a coward.  He killed a school kid just because he was at the wrong place wrong time.  All together this POS killed 10 people and deserves to be put to death just due to the fact he can’t live peacefully in our communities.