Our Fort Hood Traitor is awake and talking now.  Today will be interesting as to what the traitor has to say for himself.  More things have surfaced.  Apparantly, our lone wolf Al Quaeda member had a facination with strippers.  Oooo bad muslim.  I’m sure otherwise, he was a devout muslim.  Another interesting tidbit is that this guy possibly knew 2 of the 9/11 muslims.  So let me get this straight, he’s offended by people insinuating his family roots, yet he makes pro-Al Quaeda and Taliban writings, worshipped at the same mosque as 2 of the Muslims that took down the World Trade Center and he’s offended by insinuations of his muslim roots.  This makes about as much sense as my wife once a month.  It’s obvious to me that those insinuations were right on the money.  A quote from Major Hasan right now is that he said he was a Muslim first and a American second.  Ohhh so now the truth really comes out. 

Again, most of you heard it right here first.  I’m not playing any bullshit games like the local media about this.  I said on the day it happened that it was indeed a terrorist attack and now every single piece of evidence shows I was right.  Every one of those civilians and military members shot deserves a purple heart and to not give them one is a miscarriage of justice.  The mainstream media has been neutered to the point that their progressiveness has blocked all common sense from their reporting.  There was a time when reporters were a reporter first and progressive second but not anymore.  Their political choice takes president over their job and that’s a sad commentary.  It should come as no surprise that they are the reason newspapers are failing on a daily basis.  Apparantly this POS attempted to contact Al Quaeda members where was our national security at?  Again, Obama sucks at national defense and homeland security yet the media and every one of the brain dead legions of his fans are attempting to give him cover.