It’s embarassing to watch the liberal media keep trying to spin the Fort Hood shooting.  Chicago Mayor Robert Daley needs to shut up.  His philosophy that the Fort Hood shootings aren’t about (my words here, piece of sh*t (POS)) Major Hasan’s muslim religion as it is about our love for guns.  I’ve been yelling and throwing things at the tv because these people are so stupid it pisses me off that they are opening their traps.  If you don’t have anything logical to say, shut up!

I said the shooter took time to plan out his moves and I said that based on intelligent data.  The particular gun that the POS Major Hasan used was selected because the ammo would penetrate kevlar helmets and protective vests.  The left wants us to believe this guy snapped and he was a victim.  I call bullshit on both counts.  Guys that snap take what they have not what they can get.  The guys that snap certainly don’t send out over 20 emails to extremist Muslim scumbags.  YES, I did call them scumbags deal with it!!!!  You can’t call someone who goes on a jihadist shooting rage (Killing 13 and wounding 31 others) a victim and still sound intelligent.

Another liberal brain dead argument that the left has manufactured is that he’s only one person and was not associated with Al Quaeda.  It’s a dishonest argument at best.  To say this, one would have to be stupid enough to say that a copy cat murder isn’t a murder.  True he wasn’t an official member of Al Quaeda but does he really have to be?  Didn’t Janet Nepolitano tell us that we should be aware of white republican veterans?  Well if that’s the case she’s equally as stupid, maybe she should have said we should be aware of Muslim active duty members?

According to the left, the Republicans pose more of a danger than home grown terrorists.  The left defends the muslim extremist scumbags while they condemn Republicans.  Maybe it’s because the Democrat party is the American version of Al Quaeda and they won’t condemn them out of professional courtesy?  Last time I checked there are no former members of the communist or socialist parties in the ranks of the Republicans.  Can Democrats say the same thing?

Like I’ve said before, the reason the liberals are denying this is a terrorist attack is because they would have to agree that their guy, Barak Huisane Obama, is weak on keeping Americans safe and they flinch at the thought of the American public having this common knowledge because it spells trouble in the 2010 and 2012 elections.  They know the public will kick their asses to the curb if the public is able to say this is a terrorist attack.  Well their plan would work if Americans were as stupid as Democrats think they are.  However, judging by the different polls, most Americans aren’t buying bullshit today.  They are saying that this was a terrorist attack.

There is no doubt in my mind that POS Major Hasan is a terrorist.  To tell me that he’s innocent until proven guilty is insulting just due to the fact we had many witnesses  as well as a stellar female law enforcement officer.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind this POS is guilty as hell of all of the above and just about anything else that authorities can add ontop of it.  My personal favorite charge to add is treason.  He gave aid and comfort to the enemy by shooting up his own guys.  Besides it comes with a automatic death penalty.  Also I’d like to know what kind of intelligence data did POS Major Hasan give Al Quaeda.