This is a absolutely stupid move on the president’s part.  It proves he’s not only stupid but incompetent as well.  Oh I can justify each and every part of my comments.  First of all intelligence data will not be able to be used as evidence because it is classified.  That is the whole reason Bush wanted to try these scumbags in a military tribunal because the military tribunal can use classified documents.  Liberals who are too stupid to understand the consquences of this will always ask so what?  So what?  Your setting up a system that will allow scumbags to walk out of court free because all of the classified information we have on these scumbags, is inadmissable in court.  At the end of the day justice will NOT BE SERVED by the president’s stupid ideology.

Eric Holder is just as stupid as the liberal messiah.  Eric Holder says that 9/11 was a criminal act and not an act of war.  Where do you people find these idiots to run things?  The 9/11 commission’s report said “Al Quaeda was at war with us.”  How can you mount a intelligent argument otherwise?  You can do like Eric Holder play stupid which in the end, will screw everything up because he’s stupid and I will bet you money that his excuse will be that it is Bush’s fault.

Holder attempted to clear the way by mentioning other cases that were tried in NY but here is the problem that STUPID can’t see.  Sure, we did prosecute these cases in NY that he mentioned.  However, these people were caught in NY after their attempt at terror.  Most of the scumbags from GITMO have never been in the US.  We captured them on the battlefield in Afghanistan and are attempting to try them here in NY.  What in the hell are these idiots thinking?  That screams unconstitutional as all get out.  Again, we are attempting to give them their freedom by this bullshit move on the incredibly stupid part of the Beavis and Butthead like duo.  The whole problem is that the civil court system was NEVER meant to extend to foreign countries that’s why we have a military justice system.  Obviously it’s complicated because Barak Huisane Obama and Eric Holder are too stupid to understand this simple fact.  Civil courts area of responsibility is the borders of the US that is where it stops.  Yeah I know the liberal minds will say “But Lonnie, 9/11 happened in NY.  Yes you are right however the purpetrators died, those are the only idiots you can charge in civil court because they were on American ground when they did it.  The planners HAVE to be tried in military tribunals because their area of responsibility extends past our borders.  I’m not asking Eric Holder and Barak Huisane Obama to perform rocket science here.  I’m just asking them to adhere to the principles laid down by our founders when it comes to POWs and illegal combatants.