Well here I am again, I thought when the last of our dogs passed away after 15 years that me and the wife were done with having the responsibility of taking care of animals.  It was like that until I went TDY to Salt Lake City.

My wife was in Dallas staying with her sister when my nephews girlfriend decided to take her to go pick up her dog and they decided to pick up Leon the Terrorist.   This dog was the most anti-social thing I’d ever seen.  He’s been living with us since my birthday, November 8.  He’s slowly starting to grow on us.  He’s gotten to where he’s at the door waiting for me to come home after work and is excited to see me.  He’s even starting to recognize his name now…though he still doesn’t come running when you call him.  He just shoots you the look like “You talking to me?”

Leon is the first dog I’ve ever had that does not eat peanut butter.  He loves cheese though.  I don’t normally buy cheese at the house because I have a lot of sinus problems and dairy is the last thing you want to eat because it makes a sinus headache 100 times worse.  However, I have some pills that I’m giving Leon and the only way I can get him to eat the pills is to wrap it in cheese.  Other than that, Leon plays all night and sleeps all day. 

Also, I’ve never had a dog that follows me everywhere I go.  If I go to the bathroom, Leon is right there.  If I’m in the computer room typing, he’s laying down under my chair.  If I leave the room for just one second, he’s right behind me.  LOL.  It’s like having my own personal stalker.  If I take him for a walk, he refuses to walk out front.  He’s right behind me.  I’ve forgotten how trying it is to raise a puppy to a dog since I had my other two dogs for 15+ years.