Eric Holder, Attorney General of the US, used no principles set down in the legal system to make the decision to try 9/11 Scumbag terrorists as criminals.  He talked to his wife and his brother-in-law.  Oh, yeah that’s a freaking blunder.  He asked people who aren’t charged with prosecuting terrorist where they should be tried.  Liberal arguments lack any resemblence of reason.  Here are the losing arguments of the week:

We prosecuted the 93 world trade bombers in civilian court.   Why can’t we do the same for the 9/11 terrorists?  (A)  Law enforcement built the case for this not the intelligence community.  Where this strategy will fall short is that the Department of Defense doesn’t have to maintain a chain of custody on evidence gathered at a battlefield.  They are not law enforcement.  So we could very well see the whole case thrown out of court based on there being no chain of custody for the evidence.  Is that fair?  Absolutely not!!!!!  What about miranda rights?  The military does not mirandize illegal combatants on the battlefield.  It has never been a requirement so now a liberal judge can throw out the charges just based on miranda rights.  Believe me, there are liberal lawyers chomping at the bit to say that not only did their client not receive miranda rights but was prevented to talk to their attorney until recently. 

Liberals have a hard time telling the difference between an act of war and a criminal act.  9/11 was most certainly a war crime if it had been comitted by a legal combatant.  However, terrorist scumbags do not fall within the definition of a legal combatant so they are in essence a illegal combatant.  I realize our supreme court has ruled that terrorist scum should be treated within the guidelines of the Geneva Convention.  However, if you look at the documents in question there are guidelines that must be met to be considered protected.

a.  You must be part of a recognized militia.  Scumbags R Us does not fit this criteria.

b.  You must have a military structure.  No, they have a structure but it isn’t like anything a recognized military would use.

c.  You must wear a military uniform.  Again, Scumbags R Us doesn’t fit into the category.

Holding trials in a civilian court system will only do one thing and one thing only.  It’s Eric Holder’s attempt to put the Bush administration on trial.  Coming from a liberal mind, he sees this as the answer because it knocks two birds out with one stone.  Eric Holder has zero credibility when it comes to dealing with terrorists.  Just look at the pardons that Bill Clinton signed as he was leaving office.  Read up on the Boricua Popular Army and how Eric Holder let these Domestic terrorists walk out of prison having their crimes pardoned.  As a Attorney General, he sucks big time.  However, he represents the quishy liberal philopsophy… Republicans are 10 times worse for the country than a terrorist scumbag.   The idea that he is going to punish those who should be punished is a wash.  He had 2 members of the Black Panthers intimidate voters at a polling booth and they walked scott free.  In fact, I have no doubt that Eric Holder and Barak Huisane Obama will give clemensy to ex-Senator William Jefferson for having $90,000 in his refrigerator.

Oh, I have no doubt that Eric Holder doesn’t want to botch this up and when it happens he’ll say he made a terrible mistake when these guys walk the hell out of our prison system after a judge has thrown out the case.  I’ve had liberals request that I apologize if a judge finds these Al Quaeda members guilty of all charges and sentenced to death.  Just the thought that these scumbags want death makes me not want to support it.  I agree with Ron White on this.  Each and every one of these terrorist scumbags wants to die for islam.  I’m just not sure if they’d be prepared to spend the rest of their days in one of our prison systems living with Big Bubba who is also in there for the rest of his life.  When you put the two together, I’m not sure they are prepared to engage in prison sex for the rest of their lives but I encourage the scumbags to bend over and pray 10 times a day.  Also, my thought is that I’m all for giving Major Nidahl Hassan the death penalty.  Sure, he can be their hero but he’ll also be our example so that others who are into the same bullshit can see what happens when we find a terrorist muslim scumbag in the ranks of our military.

Given the fact that the scumbags will be going to New York for trial, it’s safe to say that they want that big stage to play out the end of their time.  Hell Al Quaeda may plan another terrorist attack to put a exclaimation point on the trials.  Even another reason why Eric Holder is an idiot for doing this.  I can’t see why he wants to put the city of New York through another high alert for a terrorist attack.  This would not happen if we’d have tried these scumbags in a Military tribunnal at GITMO.  Terrorist don’t have access to GITMO so there wouldn’t be the backlash locally to disturb the proceedings.  Also, the military tribunnal will cost about 10 times less because the scumbags will abuse it as a opportunity to justify their conduct.

KSM pleaded guilty at a military tribunnal already.  Trying him in a military court system allows him to recant his plea and delay the proceedings.  I expect the scumbags and their attorneys to turn the courtroom into a circus mocking our court system.  So now, instead of treating KSM as a illegal combatant, we’re going to treat him like a citizen of the US giving him rights that our founding fathers NEVER intended to be bestowed on him.  In fact, our founding fathers had to deal with muslim pirates and apparently they did far worse to the pirates than we have at GITMO.  It doesn’t make it right but it does prove a point when it comes to how we are treating these scumbags.  How’s that hope and change working for everyone else?  I always said Obama will have you hoping he’ll do the right thing and you’ll hope that out of all of the dollars he’s taken, he’ll probably leave you with just change.

By the way, don’t email me just to say I’m hating on the president and Eric Holder.  I hate their policies.  I don’t hate them personally, I don’t know them.  I’m just pointing out they are not as smart as you idiots said he was.  Besides, honestly I hate terrorist scumbags  100 X’s worse than I hate Obama.