I think Glenn Beck hit the nail on the head when it comes to SEIU and Obamacare.  Poll after poll shows that the American public does not want Obamacare yet, it’s being forced down our throats.  Obama is doing Obamacare for Andy Stern and the SEIU union.  It makes sense.  The union’s growth isn’t exactly booming and one of the areas that is hitting the union between the eyes is providing healthcare to it’s members.  So they help Obama to get elected and in return the government takes this sore off SEIU’s back.

So if you think Obama is doing this for you, you are sadly mistaken.  It’s for Andy Stern.  You know, the head of the SEIU union that has met with Obama 22 times since he’s been in office.  So I thought that Obama said he wasn’t bowing down to special interest.  Obviously, yet again, the liberal messiah has lied.  Trust me, SEIU is a special interest group.  Unions are not a government entity.  They get their money from bilking it’s members for dues and strong arming people for membership.  Why else would Obama support card check?  It’s payback for SEIU’s help in getting him elected.  I have no doubt that Andy Stern was told that he’d get Obamacare and card check in return for his help in getting the liberal messiah elected.  So in fact, he promised Andy Stern that he’d have Americans pay for the union’s blunders.  They spent more money than they should have to get the liberal man child elected which hurt them in providing their end of the deal on union membership.

I support neither effort for SEIU.  Andy Stern is a liberal who spends money like a liberal.  Your union should do whatever it has to to survive, just like every business in the US.  If you’d have been looking out for your best interest, you would have made your political donations within your budget.  I feel no sympathy for union thugs who got themselves in a bind because of their partisan hackery.  To ask me and other Americans to pay all of this money to provide healthcare for union thugs is a outrageous especially when your damn money pool comes from other Americans who probably won’t be covered by Obamacare.  Goddamn Barak Huisane Obama for attempting to bilk Americans for money to help out SEIU while trying to make average Americans believe this is good for them.  Then again, this bad idea isn’t any better or worse than Obama’s Cap and Tax bill meant to steal even more money from hard working Americans by adding a climate change tax onto our Energy bills and at the pump based on a scam called man-made global warming.

Of course if you want to tip the lying president voluntary then by all means go ahead if it makes you feel better.  I personally don’t need any help in getting rid of my pay because the gas pumps have gone up causing food and other necessities go up in price.  If it was up to me, the lying president won’t get any more of my money than they are entitled. 

Liberals refuse to consider the grand idea of giving tax breaks for those who purchase their own insurance and simply put others on medicare/medicaid.  They’d also need to pass a law saying that pre-existing conditions are required to be covered.  This would solve the problem of having people uncovered and keep the government out of healthcare.  They wouldn’t even have to give them the full tax break for the full price of their health insurance.  Just make the tax break of half of what you pay for the insurance