Ok, here’s the tenants of Obamacare that I think people who are for it haven’t thought of. 

How we’re going to pay for it:  This is the thing that pisses me off.  We’re going to pay for this monstrosity as soon as our liar-in-chief signs it.  That means next year all of those tax increases will kick in.  You’ll immediately start paying for it.  You’ll be taxed to death for this piece of crap legislation immediately and the program will not be implimented until 2013.

Well what’s wrong with that?  Ok, it’s like paying for a car you can’t drive and it gives the irresponsible idiots another pot of money which to steal from.  Why do you think we have so many problems with medicare/medicaid.  Congress started dipping into the account to spend the money when we couldn’t afford whatever ill-conceived programs the idiots wanted to implement at the time.  I have no doubt that congress will start dipping into the pot to spend because their other account has no money. 

So, Obama said there is no death panel in the health care bill.  Really?  Well technically you are right.  I said technically not that your really right.  Look into the ill-conceived stimulus bill.  It creates the panel which was referred to as the death panel.  So again, the liberal messiah has lied yet again.  You’d better bet your last $5, he will ration care when the kitty starts running dry.  They have already started by raising the age required to get mamograms up 10 years.  So they are already starting to ration care before the damn bill ever gets passed.

But Obama said you can keep your health insurance.  Again, he’s right but being VERY dishonest on it.  I mean sure, you can keep your insurance as long as the rates don’t go up.  When your rates go up, they will force you into the public option.  The overwhelming theme here is force. 

It is constitutional to require citizens buy health insurance or go to jail.  We could argue this one until the cows come home.  Yes, the government requires everyone to have car insurance.  The goal in Car insurance is that it covers any damage you do to other drivers and their property.  It does not care if your damages are protected.  So health insurance doesn’t have the same goal.  The right thing to bring down health care costs is to cap medical malpractice suits.  Again, this is all due to the liberal messiah bowing down to special interests.  Isn’t that something he said he would not do?  Guess yet another case where he’s lied to us.  There are so many cases where he’s lied that it’s hard to keep up with all of them. 

The bottom line is that the liberal messiah is all for lawyers suing doctors for frivalous malpractice suits but he’s against health insurance companies yet he wants us to believe he’s for the free market.  The doctors provide a service and has to spend money to provide the service.  The doctor needs money to pay the hospital back for the proceedures he used to save someone’s life, to buy supplies to use to save lives, pay for services used to save lives, and buy new equipment.  Some of the proceedures prices are fixed and can’t be lowered.