Wow, this came up out of the blue.  Apparently what has happened is that someone hacked into a couple of pro Global Warming organizations and found some information that Al Gore does not want you to see.  Supposedly, this stuff shows how they have fought to keep information from the Freedom of Information requests that prove Global Warming is not happening.  They have changed temperature data to prove that global warming is a serious problem.  Does this really surprise anyone? 

I think that these scientists should really lose all credibility and credentials for being lying pieces of sh*t.  They should be ruined professionally and prevented from ever being a scientist again nor should they be able to take a lessor job in the scientific community.  However, this probably won’t happen but it really should.  I’m tired of dishonest scientists trying to govern my life and how I live it.   It should be MY decision on how I want to live my life and my finances should govern what I do…Not some dishonest scientist who are inflating temps for the purpose of deception.  Yes, Al Gore can kiss every inch of my big fat @ss.

Again, I’ve been told how I am part of the problem since I refuse to agree with the idiots.  Really, if there was a legitamite problem, would scientist have to inflate temps and use dishonest methods?  Absolutely not if it were real.  I have never done anything special for earth day.  In fact, I’ve left every light on in my house and went to work and had all of those lights on too each earth day.  I guess this makes me much smarter than 99% of liberals who believe this crap.  This even makes me 100% smarter than Barak Huisane Obama.  Wow, to think that I didn’t even go to Harvard.

Peer reviewed means absolutely nothing.  Peer reviewed just means this is a group conspiracy to bilk the country of all of it’s money and ruin it with such idiotic programs as Cap and Tax.  Again, if this was a legitimate theory then why would numbers have to be inflated and why would they have to use so much deception?  This is easy!  Because I’ve called it the Man-made Global Warming Scam.  It’s a scam for the suckers and the idiots.  Al Gore has the mentality of a snake oil salesman.

Even though this has been the coolest year for the US, Al Gore is out there saying that we are warming.  Really Al?  Ya think?  I’m sorry, most of us have had to wear warmer clothes this year because of the “warming!”  If Al is smart, he’ll get rid of his stocks and investments based on green things and start advocating that global warming does not exist.  That way he won’t wind up eating macaroni and cheese because his house of cards are coming down as this crap is exposed.  It’s hard to advocate global warming when we have emails from these so-called “Scientists” engaging in dishonest reporting to prove their stupid theory.

Again, most of what Al Gore said would happen, has not happened nor is it close to happen.  Why don’t the AP pull people from fact checking Sarah Palin and have them fact check the hypocrite Al Gore? 

To see the level of dishonesty of what they’ve found on these websites, click here.  Again, these are hacked emails that show the level of dishonesty in the global warming movement and how they worked to keep the real data from the public who have a right to see the real data.  I think this is a abomination and I think said scientists should have their credentials revoked for their dishonesty.  They should also be tried on fraud charges and have all monies that they have been given for research  stripped and I also think they should be sued for money that they have gotten and spent.