Ok, there comes a time when you begin to look like an idiot but the AP doesn’t acknowledge such truths.  The AP put 11 reporters on fact checking duties for Sarah Palin’s book “Going Rouge,”  all while the AP only has 2 reporters researching the healthcare bill.  Sarah’s book is only 400+ pages and the monstrosity healthcare bill has over 2,000 pages.

The AP didn’t fact check any of Obama’s books nor did they fact check Al “Give me your money” Gore’s books.  The media bias is visible and on display.  These communists aren’t even trying to hide their bias that’s the most disgusting aspect of this.

Liberals for the most part have believed every lie ever told about Sarah because they are just THAT gullable and stupid.  There was one of the dumb ones on the Rush Limbaugh show today.  He prepetuated the lie that Sarah had books sensored.  Yeah right, I saw the list during the elections.  Don’t tell stupid that several books on that list were not even written while she was mayor of Wazilla.  The fact is that Sarah was researching the matter for a constituent who wanted to know what steps they should take.  No book was ever banned by Sarah Palin personally.  There were liberals who believed Sarah made the statement that she could see Russia from her home which was a lie.  That was the Tina Fey bit on Saturday Night Live.  These people are idiots and can’t tell the difference between fantasy and fact.

Honestly, I wonder if the AP is going to fact check any other authors.  Obviously, they aren’t.  They are going after Sarah’s book because they are not smart enough to understand that they are putting their bias out front in full view.