A lawyer who represents all of the 9/11 defendents says his clients intend on using the court venue to say why they committed mass murder on September 11th, 2001.  They are using the venue to argue that it is our foreign policy that caused 9/11.  They are also set to plead innocent to the murder of 3,000 people.  Eric Holder made the decision to hold these trials in New York City.

First and foremost, the prosecutor needs to shut this madness down and keep the facts into the confounds of the proceedings.  The courtroom is not a place to discuss foreign policy.  It’s where people plead guity or innocent and prove their innocence not attempt to justify their madness.  I still stand by my original assessment that this is the most idiotic decision that I’ve ever heard of. 

Really?  I don’t give a crap why they did it, I just want the court proceedings to stay on course.  The basic questions need to be asked….did you kill 3,000 people on 9/11, are you guilty or innocent.  If you are innocent, offer me some proof.  US foreign policy is NOT a appropriate reason why you are innocent.

Again, Khalid Shekh Mohommed has already pleaded guity in a military tribunnal and now we’re giving him an opportunity to create a circus atmosphere in New York and I want to know why?  As the poor bastard that is funding said circus, I believe I have a right to know why I’m being forced to pay for the circus.  It is accepted knowledge that he and the rest of the morons will probably get a squishy liberal judge who will allow these morons to get on the stand and say anything they want.  Let’s face it, they all want to hear how George W. Bush created the problem in the 8 months of his presidency.  Although this problem existed back all the way through Slick Willy’s 8 years in office.  They have no problem discounting slick willy as a cause of this even though throughout his whole presidency they attacked us and we did absolutely nothing but bombed a training camp that they did not use anymore.  Bill Clinton got accused of using it as a diversionary tactic because during all of the other attacks he did nothing and hind site being what it is, maybe slick willy grew a backbone and was doing the right thing for once but his timing was in the middle of the sex scandel.  If he’d have retaliated after all of the attacks, nobody would have questioned him.

Again, this is living up to all of the hype because you betcha it is now officially a circus.  Thanks Eric Holder (I’m being sarcastic not that I’m actually thanking Eric for making a idiotic decision).