It’s funny how the so-called smartest man in America is ignoring the exposed lies and corruption within the man-made global warming arena.  He’s continuing his committment to the scam.  That doesn’t make him the smartest man in America, it makes him dumb.  This is the singularly the worst fraud committed in decades and he’s ignoring the truth.  This is why I say liberalism is not based on truth because if it was, the liberal messiah would attempt to put some distance between himself and the fraudsters and demand some answers.  Clearly, he is not.

The media has shown their true colors.  They are more than willing to editorialize Sarah Palin’s hacked emails but not so much hacked emails that prove man-made global warming scientists are the fraudelent criminals I’ve always said they were.  No wonder papers are going under and news outlets are rarely watched.  The lame street media are willing to prepetuate lies instead of publishing the truth.  I guess the truth doesn’t sell papers like it used to.  However, I don’t suggest anyone hack anyones emails because that is a crime but fair is fair.  If it is ok to hack Sarah Palin’s emails then it should be equally ok for someone to hack a global nutcase’s email.  The left can be so hypocritical when it comes to such things.

Even that waste of a good life, Al Gore, is still running around attempting to say that man-made global warming is still a problem.  The IPCC is set to give us another 10-year warning because their last 10-year warning didn’t happen.  Think about that, in 1989 they gave us a 10-year warning.  Very little of their so-called gloom and doom outlook has actually happened in the last 10 years.  In fact, inside one of the emails contains a scientists thoughts that we can’t prove why it’s not warming.  Nobody in the media are attempting to get Al Gore’s comments on this situation.  This does not surprise me because REAL journalism is deader than Ted Kennedy.  In the old days, the media would be all over this like white on rice.

You can read the hacked emails here.  Man-made global warming is about as real as pro-wrestling.  Man-made global warming is indeed man-made through scientists lying about the temps and manipulating the temps to hide the cooling. 

The only scientists that deserve respect are the ones that have been questioning the science because they did so in pursuit of the truth.  They didn’t have to manipulate data to prove their point.  They acted honestly and were honest in their approach.  The rest that perpetuated the fraudelent science based on manipulated data, lied about documents that they deleted, etc, deserve absolutely no respect.  In fact, they deserve to go to jail for fraud.

The global warming nuts are out there saying all of these emails are being taken out of context but they can’t tell us exactly which emails are being taken out of context and how they are being taken out of context.  Last time I checked admission of deleting documents to keep them out of the hands of deniers is basically a criminal act.  How can I take that out of context?  They are being dishonest because they hope this will blow over fast so they can get some more tax money for more fraudelent research.  Of course the so-called smartest man in America is going to give them more money because he needs global warming to be true so he can continue with his plans to finish raping our wallets and ruining our economy.