Ok, I am so damn tired of this politically correct bullshit.  Last time I checked Iraq is a war zone.  Honestly, Ahmed Hashim Abed got a fat lip out of the operation.  So what, big deal.  He’s lucky he didn’t get a hole in the head instead.  In case your not sure why he was a High Value Target, Ahmed was responsible for killing black water employees and dragging some of the bodies through the town and he hanged some off a bridge over the Euphrates river.

Honestly, if this terrorist POS got the fat lip while being taken into custody big deal!  If he was handcuffed and under physical control when he received it then even I may have a problem with it.  Right now details are kind of sketchy because all we know is that members of the SEAL team are facing court martial proceedings because they refused Admiral’s Mast.

However, just picture a scene on cops where the cops rush into a building to arrest someone and sometimes they have to get rough in the arrest because someone didn’t want to be taken into custody.  It’s very possible this POS resisted and got punched in the face for his efforts.  There is nothing criminal about that. 

This reminds me of the sniper that shot the bombmaker for Al Quaeda and were tried in a courtmartial 2 times and found innocent all while some dumbass general, whom I hope was forced to retire, was screaming it was murder.  Things can always go bad when attempting to capture one of these Islamic POS’s.  You can’t blame the soldiers for every little thing that happened while they were attempting to catch someone alive because the message your sending is that we’d have rather you died so that we could catch this POS.  He could have very easily been killed in the struggle and I’m cool with that.  If it comes down to our troops and a terrorist POS, I expect our soldiers to take out the terrorist.