Finally, a voice of reason is going to look into the hacked emails from Dr. Phil Jones.  I’ve said if the science is settled then why even go down this path of manipulating data?  Of course even I can figure out the science has not been settled and they did these dishonest things to hide the fact that the science has not been settled.

Ed Bagley, Jr., even though he’s a lot misguided on the subject, I actually respect him a little.  He’s definitely not like that idiot Al Gore in that he lives as close to carbon neutral lifestyle as possible.  However, he’s put a lot of misguided faith in the so-called consensus than I do.  I’m sure the mafia has a conscensus among it’s members too.  Anytime you have a group of like minded individuals that believe in the same thing, they will always have a consensus.  In this case the group’s interests are fraudelent in that the science did not lead them to the conclussion.  They had the conclussion BEFORE they had the science and adjusted the science to meet their ill-proven conclussion.

Senator Inhofe is going to call in all of those other scientists to discuss the emails because the emails are very damning.  I support Senator Inhoffe’s endeavor.  If I’m going to have to pay for crap and tax then I want to make sure that man-made global warming wasn’t man-made by dishonest means…by dishonest scientists manipulating data.  Congress owes, we the people, that much