The Wall Street Journal did a study on all of the president’s advisors and their private business experience.  Only 8% of Obama’s advisers have private sector experience.  That’s right, the so-called brightest man in America is shooting in the dark to fix the economy because none of his advisors have any clue.  Obama’s administration rivals Jimmy Carter’s administration.  He only had 30% with private sector experience.  EVERY other president had successful businessmen/women at the tune of 50-54%.

Obama went out of his way to place anti-capitalist people in key positions.  That is by design.  I don’t expect any hope and change in the coming months/years as far as the economy goes.  Even Obama’s jobs seminar is a photo op.  He didn’t invite anyone who could offer valued opinions.  He made sure he sent invites to the butt kissers only.  You can’t have meaningful dialouge with a bunch of butt kissers, it’s just not going to happen.