PMSNBC show host, Chris Matthews, showed what a POS he really is yesterday by declaring the cadets at West Point, the enemy camp.  Chris Matthews has made my hall of shame 2 times since the election, the first time when he talked about getting a thrill up his leg when talking about Barak Huisane Obama.

That is exactly who the left in this country are.  Chris, I’m going to give you a clue about something you obviously know absolutely nothing about.  The cadets were shocked that our fumbler-in-chief would announce when we were pulling the troops out.  That was perhaps one of, the so-called smartest man in America, dumbest statements to date!!!!  That is one detail that should have been omitted from a public speech.  They were marveling about how big of an idiot he is. Does it occur to you that Al Quaeda is listening you dumbass?  They’ve got their strategy down now.  They are going to lay low and go on a intimidation campaign.  They will hit up all of the villagers and tell them that they shouldn’t help the US because we are leaving in 18 months and that when the military leaves, they are going to kill them.  Of course the left are extremely stupid and this thought wouldn’t occur to them.  Chris you ignorant POS that is called intel of great value.

I think Chris needs to go to Afghanistan so he can see first hand what an enemy camp really is.  Yes, I’d like to see Chris find himself in the middle of a war zone where he really does not know which person wants to slit his stomach open to see what he had for lunch.  Then maybe he can stop being an ignorant POS and have a little bit of understanding of what the troops go through.  He won’t do anything like this because he is a coward.  Life’s good sitting back collecting his paycheck and running assassination pieces on the troops.

Did you notice towards the end of the speech they perked up when he started talking about freedom?  Rush Limbaugh said that he believes this was a photo op.  He repeated the same speech he gave back in March 09.  In other words, he should have let Charlie Brown Christmas show air since there was nothing new there.