How freaking gay can you get?  They are offering $200,000 reward for information that can lead to the arrest of Tom Donovan.  According to the article I read, it’s basically a bunch of communists pissed because the chamber has stood it’s ground and represented it’s members instead of jumping on the Kiss the liberal messiah’s butt tour.  They are upset because the chamber opposes climate change legislation.  Guess what you moron’s, most Americans don’t believe in climate change either.  There are more Americans that don’t believe in the liberal fairy tale anymore.  You can’t put bounty’s on everyone’s head.

Hitler would be proud of the members of the Velvet Underground who feel that they should be able to determine what’s right and what’s wrong and damn you for standing in the way of their queer utopia.  Because that’s what it is.  They are trolling for criminal information on Donovan just because he’s opinions don’t match theirs.

Velvet Underground is too stupid to understand that this is the bullshit tactics have created 2 different sides on the global warming issue.  Their side, attempts to silence critics with blackmail and threats.  Our side says hold on one damn second here, Science exists on opposing views.  It makes you wonder exactly why they are using these tactics if the science really is on their side.  Now their attitudes more likely reflect that the science is not real and they have to act this way because when the rubber hits the road, they have no untainted facts to support their cause.