I’m pretty pissed off right now at both parties.  We are in a recession and the idiots can’t seem to quit printing money, our economy sucks, our jobs are going in droves, The government is a contributing member to the Global Warming Scam so the EPA is threatening the public, politicians want to tax us into freaking oblivian yet they are so willing to pass another multi Billion Dollar pure earmark bill.  Oh yeah they are doing important stuff like paying for studies of alcohol and marijuana.  They are studying animal procreation.  All of these worthless f*cking project come at the tune of a couple of billion dollars. 

These people are pure idiots from congress all the way up to the head nut-in-chief!!!!  It’s my belief that instead of spending more money which we don’t have, we should have paid off some of our debt.  It’s simple debt management for idiots yet our congress/head nut-in-chief can’t figure it out.  Oh I know, most of the presidential ass kissers out there will say but Lonnie, he has to get us out of this recession.  No, the recession will be mild compared to hyper-inflation.  You know, that’s when we’re spending $20 for a loaf of bread because our currency is about as worthless as monopoly money

The economy will fix itself if the idiots in Washington would quit meddling with it and give businesses tax breaks. It’s the only way that the economy will truly recover.  It will put people back to work eventually and it will help fix the economy.  Until Washington does something in good faith to ecourage the economy, we’ll continue having record unemployment and a failing economy.  Passing Crap and Tax and the health care bill is not a way to encourage the economy.  It will continue to stunt it.  If you raise the cost of doing business on businesses they will slow down on hiring and buckle down until they are confident of the current business atmosphere.