Most liberals will argue with you when you question the legality of forcing people to buy health insurance.  Their main argument centers around car insurance but there is a vast difference.  If you don’t want to pay for car insurance then you sell your car, you don’t have to purchase car insurance unless you intend on driving.  There is no opt out when it comes to purchasing health insurance.  In fact, if you don’t the government will throw you in jail.  I question the constitutionality of this because no place in our constitution does it say the government has this power.  I wonder how many of the truly poor people are going to wind up in jail because they are unable to pay for government provided health care.  I view this as a assault on the poor just like our dumbass-in-chief’s crap and tax scheme.

I also question the constitutionality of federal government provided health care period.  According to the constitution, anything not mentioned in it is delegated to the states.  I honestly don’t care how many liberals attempt to malign the constitution’s welfare clause it does not nor was it ever intended to provide government healthcare.  If you read it in the constitution, it says the welfare of the state.  The state means the state not the people in it.  Of course we all know liberals will try to stretch out anything beyond the intention of the document.