This is who the left are.  They say they represent the working man and woman yet they have contempt for the working man and woman.  This lady was doing her job and Chuck lashed out at her because he believes, and so do I, he’s special.  He’s so special they probably sent the short bus to pick him up for school.

When a working lady (Flight Attendent) asked Senator Schumer to get off his cell phone for takeoff, he lashed out calling her a b*tch.  This is majorly unacceptable!!  The rules set forth by the FAA which chuckie poo signed into law demands everyone turns off their cell phone for take off.  I wonder if there was a provision shoved in there by Chuck Schumer that says EVERYONE except CHUCK SCHUMER has to turn off their cell phone.

Schumer is exactly one of the guys whom I talk about when I say they NEED TO GO!!!!  He’s a career politician and he has lost touch with what the people want that he represents.  In his mind, it’s all about the partisanship.  Chuck likes to think he’s far more superior to the people who elected him and unless the voters send him the message no, you work for us, I don’t think he’ll ever change.

This clearly shows he has contempt for the working people of his state.  The people who make the state work and the very same people that allow him to draw a Senator’s paycheck.  Once this story leaked, Chuck broke speed limitations and quickly apologized but not to the lady whom he pissed off by calling a b*tch.  He sent his spokesman out to say he regrets it.  He’s a coward and if he was a man worthy of being called Senator he’d have directed a apology at the stewardess INSTEAD OF a regret.