In case I needed more proof that man-made global warming is indeed man-made in a science lab, they have discovered that several planets have high CO-2 levels also.  Maybe we should send Al Gore condolences because his theory is falling apart day by day.  Nobody seems to be answering the hard questions in the mind numbed global warming movement as to why if we are effecting earth’s CO2 levels so badly then how come Mars also has high levels of CO2 in it’s atmosphere.  Additionally, Jupiter is experiencing the same thing.  I’m sure if one of them sheep had to answer it they’d attempt to tell me that it’s because of our use of fossil fuels and we’re contaminating the whole solar system.  However, I’d like some links to that because it sounds like they had to reach someplace low and personal to pull that answer out.

I’m continually amazed at how the mind numbed sheep can continually believe in a theory while ignoring all information that pokes holes in their belief.  It kind of reminds me of Charlie Brown’s Halloween show where Charlie Brown insists that the great pumpkin is coming when all evidence suggests there is not such a thing.  We have evidence that climate data from the Hadley Unit was manipulated through hacked emails yet the left in this country insist that it’s only a few scientists that took part in the dishonesty.  You really have to know Phil Jones is considered the godfather of climate science and well his emails document his dishonesty.  We have Al Gore out there fumbling ad bumbling incorrect data.  He got embarrased at Copenhagen because he attempted to make up some facts and present them as new facts and got called on it by the same scientist that supposedly told him this information.  After all of this, the left still insists that their silly man-made global warming theory is true.  Remember the hockey stick in Al Gore’s presentation in Inconveinent Truth?  It was discovered that the hockey stick was not true.  It also was discovered that the CO2 lefts followed the climate as it changed.  Something really that Al refuses to acknowledge.  Additionally, since the stuff Al threatened would happen in 10 years in his movie, he’s re-issuing them because they haven’t come true yet and after another 10 years, he’ll put out another pathetic warning.  These people do this stuff and yet we’re supposed to trust them.  This antics, in my view, lower his credibility.  It’s to the point now that I respond yeah whatever.