Many liberals are celebrating the news that the Senate has 60 votes but I contend that the bill has no chance in hell.  Even the head of is calling for the healthcare bill to be shot down because a.  No public Option and b.  No abortion funding. 

All of the tweaking of the bill to get Ben Nelson’s vote will cause several of the lefties in the house to not vote for it.  Soon as the bill passes the senate, it will go to house.  If the house doesn’t get 60 votes then it goes to conference and they merge the house and senate bill into one bill.  If they go to conference, the bill will have to go back to the senate for another vote.  The final bill will not be ready for Obama’s signature until after Christmas which I believe will give us (The American people) a chance to tell them what’s good for them.  Hey I suggest being direct and to the point.  Let them know that if they vote for this their career in the house and senate is over. 

Now the liberals are probably telling each other to vote for it so that it can go to the white house for signature.  I have a feeling that is telling their people to contact their house representatives to tell them to vote the bill down and Republicans will get full credit for stopping this but make no mistake, liberals don’t want this without the public option and abortion funding.

I agree with BHO, this bill is truely historic but not for his reasons.  This is the first time in history that over 60% of the public doesn’t want Obamacare yet the majority of politicians are dead set to vote for it.  These truely idiotic individuals believe that the public is not smart enough to know what’s good for them.  I beg to differ.  They are the ones that are not smart enough to know what’s good for them.  Many of these cowardly politicians refused to have town halls where the majority voice didn’t want this stinky bill.  Yet they are stupid enough to believe that we will come around once the bill kicks in in 4 YEARS!  Although that’s not entirely true.  We won’t see the benefits for 4 year but we will see the rise in taxes way before then.  Also, if this truely was about covering the uninsured, how come it only covers 30 million people?  and how come it doesn’t kick in until 4 years?

The polling is so bad that one of the Democrats have jumped ship and is changing his party affiliation because he’s voted against the top 3 Democrat bills.  One sane Democrat is jumping ship and joing the Republicans.  Obama doesn’t care about his party’s seats that they acquired the last election.  They view this as thinning the heard and hoping that someone who tows the party line takes their place.  Unfortunately, Obama will have a much harder time passing the rest of his agenda if the majority shifts toward the Republicans.  Crap and Tax is history when the Republicans take over the majority.

If this bill passes, I believe that this will produce the liberal death rattle because the Democrat party will be snuffed out since this belongs to them.  They are the only ones who are going to vote this monstrosity into being.  Even Olympia Snow is voting against this bill.  However, she will probably be sent packing since she voted to send this bill to the floor.  She enabled this sham to go to the floor for a vote.  Of course the liberal media are technically stupid because they won’t ask the questions that need to be asked.  If this bill is so good then why are members of congress exempt?  I think they should have to be on the plan too.  The obvious answer is that the bill sucks and they don’t want to be near it.  Most of them are holding their damn noses to vote for it.  That’s the honest truth.  This is NOT the first time I’ve asked this.  One politician had added this amendment to the first obamacare bill and it was shot down.  I wonder why, if this bill is THAT damn good?

Liberals will tell you that they are politicians and they  DERSERVE a better insurance plan than us.  Really?  The way I see it, we are their bosses.  Why does the employee have a better healthcare plan than the boss?