There’s no doubt in my mind that had I been on the plane the idiot from Nigeria was on, I’d have gone to jail.  Why?  Simply because I would be a pissed off hombre.  I’d be yelling at TSA that I can’t bring a large tube of toothpaste or shaving creme yet this piece of sh*t is allowed to get by you with a bomb shoved up his ass?  I’d be demanding some answers.  However, as it may, critics have said that there would be another terror attack in the US even with our pacifist-in-chief’s lax attitude towards terrorists calling it a man-made disaster instead of calling it what it really is.  Our only saving grace is that this guy sucked as a bomb maker.  He managed to ignite his underwear and the bomb didn’t go off. 

Next year is going to be a total test of the liberal messiah’s policies as it relates to terrorist’s ability to commit a “MAN-MADE DISASTER!”  The patriot act expires this month so let’s see if the liberal messiah can thwart terrorist acts by going  back to a 9/10 mentality.  For the record, it did not work for Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton encouraged them to go on to bigger and bigger attacks because he didn’t pursue them until he was in the middle of Bimbogate at the time.  Other than that, he put them on the FBI most wanted  list and treated these cowards like criminals instead of war criminals.