A couple of professors at Hhharvarrrd (Said sarcastically) released a study that basically said people who smoke have low IQs.  I have no doubt these two idiots are liberal democrats.  I really don’t know who they interviewed but honestly they don’t represent EVERY smoker.  I personally have a 3 digit IQ and I smoke.  It’s stupid stuff like this that leads people to ignore studies because just like liberal arguments, that study is intellectually dishonest.

The true facts are that smoking and addiction is not limited to just low IQs.  It hits a broad range of people with IQs from 80-160.  Obviously the Harvard people who did this study want to believe it’s true with all their being but the sad fact is that their study is a sham.  They want to believe with all their hearts that this is true.  They also want to believe that they have higher IQs than everyone else who went to different colleges but like their study this isn’t true either.