Yes, I’ve been holding off on saying anything about the unconstitutional health care bill (Obamacare).  Talk about a group of people who haven’t learned from past failures.  Liberals forced prohibition onto the public after they teamed up with the Ku Klux Klan.  Oh, I did not stutter.  They did not count on the mob producing alcohol and selling it on the black market.  I mention this because this is exactly what’s going to happen when it comes to the health care reform debate. 

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, a pretty large percentage of doctors will now stop practicing medicine.  This will have a very negative effect on medical care.  Fewer doctors will send the prices skyrocketing because the doctors that are left are going to be lambasted with sick people.  In turn, this will force insurance companies to raise their rates substantially which will force everyone onto a government plan which will eventually force us all onto a single payer system.  The communists, socialists, and marxists  in the house and senate had this is mind from the start.

However, I’m not so sure the liberal messiah thought that states would drag this bill into the court system because of the unconstitutionality of it.  I mean the government is forcing everyone to buy health insurance.  It’s really not over yet.  My state is one of the states dragging the federal government into the court…God Bless Texas.  There are states out there that are willing to roll over every time the liberal messiah tells them to.  What’s even more, we can’t afford this bill.

Now that the liberal messiah has passed Obamacare what do you think is next?  Jobs?  Hell no, the liberal messiah is working on amnesty for illegals.  He has to work on his next election now that half of the useful idiots that voted for him wouldn’t vote for him again.  That is coming BEFORE fixing the economy or jobs.  I hate to tell you that I told you so but I told you before the emaculation of the liberal messiah that America can’t afford him but I guess I was the only intelligent person saying such a profound thing and I was dismissed as someone unintelligent. I do have a 3-digit IQ but I was an idiot according to liberals.  All of the liar-in-chief’s plans cost money that we don’t have.  His agenda is to kill jobs and this idiot has no plans to help us on jobs.    He wants to thrust crap and tax on us over an elaborate scam (Man-made global warming).

There are a lot of unconstitutional provisions in Obamacare.  The unions are exempted, the cornhusker kickback, the louisianna purchase, and forcing citizens to pay for healthcare insurance are just a few of the unconstititutional problems with the bill.  I’m hoping the court system kills the bill but I’m not sure it will.  At the very least it may make them re-write certain parts of the bill.  Dont’ worry I haven’t forgotten about the taxes that are incorporated into this bill.  It’s a stinking carcass and each and every liberal in the house held their nose while they voted for it.  I’ve heard liberals say it’s better than doing nothing.  Really?  On what planet do you say such a thing?  It’s better to do the right thing than to do something for the sake of doing something.  When you do things for the sake of doing things you tend to make big mistakes.  Can we really afford to make mistakes?  Especially when we’re talking trillions of dollars we don’t have.

Liberals should celebrate their ignorance when it comes to Obamacare.  You just created a medical shortage, created new taxes so that those of us with jobs are going to be looking for another part time job just to maintain our normal standard of living, celebrating the killing off of insurance companies so you can get what you wanted in the first place…single payer, and of course this makes me wonder how many more ignorant moves is the liar-in-chief going to make.  You won a slight victory but it’s not over until Rosie O’Donnell sings and she’s not even warming up yet.  The liberal agenda is going to ruin this country if it’s allowed to succeed.  There was a war in all of this however but the winners were not the American people, it was the communists, socialists, and marxists in this country.  Your average American did not win because the fight was against them.  They did not want this.  Overwhelming majorities  said no to Obamacare yet it still got passed.