When most of us have had guests, we normally spend a lot of time with our guests and above all else we also dine with them.  This is how normal everyday people treat guests but somehow the Liberal Messiah is different.  He walks out on talks to go privately eat with his family and didn’t bother to invite Benjamin Netanyahu (A Key US Supporter in the middle east).  I would have thought someone from Hhharvaarrrddd university would be well schooled on social graces but evidently not.

Oh I’m sure if Ahmadinajad, Hugo Chavez, or Andy Stern had visited he’d have treated them properly.  We all know Obama likes Ahmadinajad and chavez more than Netanyahu.  Can you say anti-semitic?  I have $100 that says if Andy Stern had visited, Obama wouldn’t have snubbed him like that.

The new buildings that the Liberal Messiah was arguing over was a building in the middle of Jerusalim and not the west bank.  That was no reason to snub Netanyahu.  Apprently, I’m sure his sheep will be out in full force to defend Obama’s anti-social behaviour but as far as I’m concerned, this proves he’s unfit for duty as the president of the United States.  Even George W. Bush, Jr. never snubbed any visitors to the whitehouse.  Let’s face it America, you elected someone with the social graces of a 3 year old to be president.