Right now, grocery stores and retail stores are able to stay competitive in military communities.  Jobs are reliant upon these stores staying competitive.   In Abilene, Texas, Sam’s Club, Walmart, H.E.B. are all able to compete for thousands of military families business with the Base Exchange and the Commissary.  The VAT tax will kill the balance that’s been going on.  Military families aren’t the rich but I guarantee you if times get tough and taxes go high each and every family that is able to use the BX and Commissary, will!  Why?  It’s so simple it’s a no brainer.  The Commissary does not charge taxes on good’s you buy nor will the BX.  It’s true they will raise their prices a little to take away any incentive to black market the stuff but it won’t see the highs of good’s off-base. 

Furthermore, the environment was such prior to the VAT tax that every store was having success and prosperity.  Now, all bets are off because politicians are too stupid to understand the VAT tax will not work as good as they thought.  Typical Democrat thinking normally results in disaster just like prohibition when the Democrats sided with the KKK to impose prohibition on the population.  Yeah, I know the left say all of the racists are within the Republican party but I’m going to simply say there are racists in both parties and leave it at that.  I’m not out to make a partisan point.  Even so, the racists population of the United States are so small they can’t possibly make a point but they do have people in BOTH parties.  There are always consquences no matter what you do but then again, there are always non-intended consequences as this.

If you are in a military community then you are going to lose jobs no matter what the Liberal Messiah may think or say.  The free market can’t handle such an un-balanced market and still thrive.  I’m sure Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are trying to count the money before it gets in their hands right now but they are going to be sadly disappointed when the VAT tax doesn’t bring in as much revenue as they thought it would on paper.  I felt that I should at least be truthful about this because Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the Liberal Messiah will look you straight in the eyes and lie to you.  They do not have your best interest at heart.  If you think I’m stupid then keep deluding yourself with gradure’ and tell me how it ends.  It’ll probably end with me telling you I TOLD YOU SO but then again, what’s the point.  I told you so’s don’t help in the position that the Liberal Messiah is putting us in involutarily.  Instead of saying I told you so, my retort will be “Well what are you going to do about it?”  There has to be hell to pay and I’m predicting that November 2010 will be like watching a football game where the score is 70-0.  It will be as sporting as clubbing seals not that I condone that.