I’ve had more hits on Michael Crook’s “It’s A Queer Problem” than any other post.  I mean Michael is so yesterday that even by his own standard’s he’s marginalized himself.  He’s had numerous lawsuits which he attempted to take someone to court in hopes that they’d settle out of court.  Which means he’s had his ass handed to him more times than anyone can count.  He such a loser that to give him any publicity at all is giving him too much.  That’s one of the reasons I stopped even mentioning him.  The other is that it’s an unfair war with words.  I have a 3 digit IQ and he has the IQ of a peanut.  I’ve handed him his ass several times and well it’s just too easy so I moved on. 

Crooked BOY said he wanted to spit in a veterans face so I told him to come on down…bring it don’t sing it.  He fell way short.  I mean here’s a guy who said he was going to beat this retired veteran silly then no-showed the bout because he was a coward.  It doesn’t take much courage to speak bad about people who can’t fight back but when push comes to shove, I’ll bet he has his door locked ontop of it all while he’s blogging.  He won’t fight me even though he’s got the age advantage.  I mean I am an old veteran (45). 

Anyways, I’m still trying to figure out why this thread is so popular.